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Pin it

Yes it´s been a while (again) and I’m not a good example on updating consistenly but now I found time and subject.

The subject is social media and I will put focus on the function to pin a post to your profile on different plattform and give example:

There is at least three platforms that offers the possibility to pin a post to your profile today, that is Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The reason to pin a post to your profile is that it doesn’t get lost in all your posts – it’s said that you should not make a selling post more often than every 3-5posts. To pin your important posts to your profile makes it easy to get them viewed for persons interested to know more about you.

So how do you go about it?

On Facebook you can do it by using your computer and on the downward arrow in the upper right corner choose pin to page wish makes your post stay on top.

On Twitter is as easy – in the Android app you just click the downward arrow and choose pin to profile and says yes on the question you get.

On Google+ it’s a little more effort that is needed, on the computer you need to go to your profile page and choose the post you want to pin. After finding it you go to the upper right corner again and choose pin to profile.

If you are interested to see examples please visit our Facebook-page, Twitter-profile and Google+page.

Regards Palle

Use of google commands

The free report I get every month on how I am doing in Google SERP for the business also tells me about some of my competitors. If you don’t have this possibility you can find some of your competitors by using related: on google – in my case I used one of the sub-categories since the main page gives irrelevant results – the result is can then be used to go to your competitors and spy on their pages to get ideas for your site (remember to not steal just get inspired).

If you go to google and type link: and your site you will get webpages linking to you – some should be from your own site and some is from registers of different kinds but there is probably also some from customers and persons with an opinion about you. And this could be done for your competitors sites as well to find things you might not know about.

This two commands could  and should be used for different pages on your website – preferably consistenly (as well as blogging see my last post).

A third command is site: which gives you a result saying which pages on your website got indexed. If you are missing pages it might be because they are new – like new blog posts – or they haven’t got indexed for another reason, try linking them and posting them on social media.

Best of luck!

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Updating consistently

Updating should be done with consistence regarding time – a thing this blog is not a positive example on. My excuse is that the businesspage and blogg is top priority and I’m being consistent over there.

And by the looks of things I’m doing something right because as I checked my google rankings today I got a new number one (garderobsdoft) since my last check in may (see reaching the top) – this makes 6 top phrases on google. And on top of that (sorry for geek humor) I’ve got 17 more first page entrys in the Google SERP. So today there is an extra kanelbulle to the fika 🙂

I am a beliver in continous learning and thanks to the book mentioned in the blog post reaching the top, other books, seminaries and online resources I’m improving my knowledge and seeing results from it.

In some way you can say that doing e-commerce is a bit like going to the gym – at the gym you use machines and life weights and get happy the more you lift, as a e-commercer you get happy ranking high on google, having more followers, have increased visits and conversions.

And one way to get more followers is to update continously which I sure will try to do here as well so stay tuned 🙂

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Lists on Social Media

After a while being active on Social Media the number of contacts are becoming large and it can sometimes be hard to keep track of your contacts. To ease this some of the Social Media platforms gives you the opportunity to group and label your contacts to find them more easy.

On Facebook you can go to Friends where you can make and edit lists to which you can add your friends to different labels and you can also choose to publish to friends with in a specified label / group and read what they have to say.

On Twitter you go to your profile page and choose lists to add and edit you lists and you can then go thru your contacts or any tweeter and add them to existing list via settings and add to list. This makes it easier to find persons.

On LinkedIn you go to My Network and Contacts where you can see all your connections and on the left side sort the by labels which you can edit. Once you got a label you can select contacts and label them. Makes you find people faster.

On Google+ you can make different circles to put people in. You can either make a new circle when you find a new person of interest and holds the cursor/your finger over the following button or you can go into Persons, Following and scroll down to Your circles under which you can manage your circles. You can then post to certain circles or read from them.

That’s all for today – keep smiling!

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